Certified Organic - Free of Parabens - 100% natural

Wide range of makeup

Get an overview of BenecosĀ“ range for eyes, lips, nails, complexion and accessories.

Skin care with unique plant extracts

Benecos' skin care is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and natural ingredientss. All the skin care products are vegan and BDIH certified.

New! Care range for men only

Benecos is ready with a natural, organic and vegan skin care line for men.

Get inspired and get the latest news from benecos makeup and skin care

Organic makeup at fair prices

Prices from 29-99 SEK

When the benecos makeup was introduced, it was a clear strategic approach: Benecos should be able to compete with the conventional cheap brands both on price and efficiency, but Benecos should also be organic and 100% natural. It requires production of very high volumes, which is possible as Benecos is found in 4,000-5,000 stores throughout Europe.

The quality is completely keeping up with other nature and eco-series, just more efficient and lasting.


benecos Natural Shiny Lip color (shown in the picture) costs 79 SEK.

Skin Care and Makeup from benecos are

Certified Organic




BDIH certified

The entire range (except nail polish) is certified by the German BDIH and is 100% natural.

benecos is based on organic ingredients where possible and at the same time the quality is absolutely in focus.



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